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Our Mission

The singular goal of the FSHD Canada Foundation is to help find a cure — as soon as possible — for Canadians who suffer with FSHD.

To accomplish this the Foundation aims to reach out to all Canadians to make them aware of what is going on in FSHD research and to solicit financial support for the critical research required to find a cure. The Foundation will then use these funds to support FSHD research — in Canada and around the world.

What is FSHD?

Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy or FSHD is the most prevalent of the nine primary types of muscular dystrophy affecting adults and children. Muscular dystrophy in general connotes a genetic, hereditary muscle disease that causes progressive muscle weakness. FSHD is also broadly characterized as a neuromuscular disease (NMD), as muscular dystrophy is a subset of NMD. Muscular dystrophies are alike in that they cause progressive skeletal muscle weakness, defects in the biochemical, physical and structural components of muscle, and the death of muscle cells and tissue. However, researchers believe that the causes of each of the muscular dystrophies are not necessarily the same.


"A Rare Person" - A Documentary

“A Rare Person” is a series of short documentaries that aim to provide greater awareness as to how people cope with the impacts of a rare disease. Although these diseases are...

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Classification of DUX4 expression in human myofibers derived from xenogeneic muscle cell transplants.

Much of what we know about DUX4 and its associated toxicity comes from cultured cells from FSHD patients. We basically take...

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Exploiting Genome Editing Technology 2015

FSHD Canada and the FSH Society are jointly funding a project called "Exploiting Genome Editing Technologies," led by...

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Exploiting Genome Editing Technology To Modify And Regulate The Fshd Disease Locus

Recent discoveries of DNA-binding factors have opened up tremendous new possibilities...

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FSHD Canada Co-funds Two Very Promising Research Projects

We are excited to announce that FSHD Canada has co-­funded two very promising...

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